Parent Support

Our philosophy is that parents are the first teachers, the experts on their own children. The BEST parent support programme is based on working in partnership with parents to facilitate a transfer of skills and strategies from our parenting practitioners to the parent, and a transfer of knowledge about the child from the parent to the practitioner. We consider all parents are informal theorists and all are in the business of changing behaviour. To this end BEST practitioners work closely with parents to bring out their parenting skills. Our approach is to offer support, not a correction but an increased range of strategies for parents to draw on.

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Parent Partnership

In the past year Park Campus Academy has achieved The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). The LPPA is for schools and organisations committed to investing in parents and carers for the achievement of pupils.

Park Campus Academy worked and achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award. BEST, together with the school’s Senior Learning Mentor has taken a leading role in co-ordinating this project and in continuing to build a portfolio of evidence for the three year re-assessment process.

Parent/Carer Networking Policy

This policy has been devised to encourage and support parents and carers to access support by establishing regular social networking events at Park Campus Academy. Once established parents will have direct access to further support that can be offered through the school.

  • The Networking events will be accessible to all parents and carers of children and young people who are on roll at Park Campus Academy
  • Networking events will be held at the end of the school day to allow working parents/carers the opportunity to attend.
  • At an initial event, parents/carers to be canvassed to ascertain if the time of day of the event works for them and if not, to negotiate what might be more helpful.
  • Opportunities will be provided for parents to gather information talk informally to staff about their child their child’s progress, education and social well-being or at least to make a separate appointment to do so.
  • We will seek the contribution and representation of staff from each subject area to enhance the effectiveness of the event
  • Parents/Carers to be made to feel welcome at the school. The event to be facilitated to enable parents/carers to network in a way that is comfortable for them, therefore the networking event and include food and refreshments.
  • We respect the experience of the parents/carers who know their child better that anyone else.
  • We will utilise and respect the specialist knowledge that parents have about their children and combine this know with the training we have in order to offer appropriate support.
  • Relevant course such as I.T. training, adult literacy, and numeracy courses, positive behaviour management, will be offered where appropriate.
  • The Park Campus Academy works with the requirements of the Local Authority Safeguarding Board. Any discussion in the networking event is confidential unless there is indication of risk of significant harm.

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