XLP have been working with young people for 18 years in inner cities, believing that the key to bringing about sustainable change is relationship. Relationship can restore a young person’s trust in people, it can nurture the belief that things can change, that an alternative future is possible. And good relationships act as a reference point for determining right from wrong. 

XLP have witnessed courageous life decisions made by young people emerging from tragic and hopeless situations because of the help and support provided through a strong and trusted positive relationship.

The XLP team for Park Campus Academy consists of 4 staff, led by Jerome Hughes.

The team comes in every Thursday and offer individual mentoring support, lunch time activities. They are also planning to run a after school club once a week.

A selected group of students will also have the opportunity to work on the Music Bus. Producing music, and learning valuable new skills. This will take place for one hour every Thursday.

For more information about XLP, please visit their website: www.xlp.org.uk