Covid19 Curriculum






To offer academic subjects with focus on the core to ensure that students attending do not fall behind & leave with the necessary core qualifications for their next step

Timetabled core lessons (English, Maths & ICT), with F/Skills focus

Students bank L1 & L2 core qualifications before the summer break,

To offer socially distanced PE/Physical activity to ensure that students maintain/improve their fitness

PE timetabled for theory & practical.

Tournaments organised (fulfilling grading criteria for NCFE L2)

Students are fitter, & remain on track with the PE theory work

Prince’s Trust units are Covid time specific, i.e. Preparing for a Healthy Lifestyle, Participating in Exercise,  Managing Feelings,

PT is timetabled across the year groups.

Students understand how to keep themselves fit & healthy during lockdown.

Recovery Curriculum



To support students that haven’t attended school & accessed face to face teaching to catch up in core learning

Baseline assessments for all students in T1.

Differentiated core curriculum

Students work at the level they are able to & knowledge gaps are filled

To support students that have attended school & had face to face teaching in core subjects

GCSE’s in English, Maths & ICT

Students with minimal disruption to their education throughout Covid are able to progress & work at their own level.

Ensure PSE/Wellbeing course/units are taught alongside core & PE

Implement new PSE qualifications (AQA AWARDS) by timetabling it

Opportunity for wellbeing discussions, students have a better understanding of their feelings, & students gain a qualification

Post Covid Curriculum



CORE: English, maths & ICT all taught at Functional Skills L1 & L2 & GCSE

NCFE L2 Sports

NCFE L1 Sports (Occ studies U57 & U58)


Food BTEC Award

Students in Year 10 may be streamed

Functional Skills L1 will start in Year 9

GCSE English text preparation starts in Year 9

The curriculum allows access for L2 & L1 learners.

All students gain qualifications at their own level of learning.