The Park Campus Academy philosophy is ultimately inclusive; we believe that every young person who comes to Park Campus Academy must have a second chance at success.

Regardless of circumstance we will make all of our young people successful. We aim for all of our learners to make outstanding progress and every member of staff is dedicated to achieve this. The specialist services we deliver to our young people ensure that they overcome the barriers that previously prevented them from being able to engage in mainstream education.

The Park Campus Academy provides a bridge for young people to re-engage productively in an educational journey that has previously only led to failure.

We work to provide the best possible learning outcomes for pupils who despite exclusion, missing education, illness or otherwise cannot access a mainstream school. Where possible we seek to return our pupils to mainstream provision as ultimately this is the best place for their continued learning.

We aim to prevent exclusion through early intervention which can be either short or long term. We work in partnership with the local authority and schools to support them to reduce the need to use fixed or permanent exclusion. We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to early intervention supporting the school, parents, carers and individual pupils.

Under legislation, local authorities are required to provide education for pupils who are excluded or missing school for illness or otherwise. Our curriculum offer allows us to reflect the national curriculum along with personalised learning which providing pupils the opportunity to make good progress in line with their needs in a supported learning environment.

Whenever possible, Park Campus Academy aims to facilitate the return of pupils into mainstream education. We provide a supported environment to refocus the learning and behaviour of pupils to enable appropriate reintegration in to mainstream school.

Our alternative provision is positioned as an integral part of the local provision of education. The Parallel Learning Trust is not peripheral but is a valuable option for local schools as a resource to support them with their most challenging pupils.

Promoting British Values

At Park Campus Academy we actively promote the key British Values of Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We ensure that such values are taught within our curriculum and form a central part of our ethos.

How this is achieved at Park Campus Academy?


We understand the importance of ensuring that everyone’s opinion is valued. The Student Voice is an example of how students in our school regularly contribute to the school and wider community by speaking for and representing student viewpoints and values. For example a group of students formed part of the interview panel for new members of teaching staff. We regularly consult with our pupils on a range of school activities through discussions with pupils.

The curriculum at Park Campus Academy ensures that our pupils understand the various systems of democracy. At Key Stage 3 students learn about parliament, MPs and voting, the nature of rules and laws and the courts and justice system. Students are encouraged to read newspapers and discuss current affairs both locally and globally. At Key Stage 4 the Equality and Diversity qualification addresses issues such as human rights, equality, the need to challenge discrimination and prejudice, and the notion of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Students regularly have the opportunity to vote during our Jack Petchey award nominations and subsequently the winners are given the chance to decide how the associated funds are spent to improve the school.

Rule of Law

We encourage pupils to understand and respect the laws of our country, comparing them with other systems around the world. At Park Campus Academy, we ensure that all students understand why laws are imposed and that we all have a framework to abide by. This is done primarily through the school rules which are displayed and referred to, which all students understand and are expected to follow. We actively teach our students to make responsible choices across all areas of life. We have a close working relationship with our Police Liaison Officer and various agencies in the community that work towards community safety and personal responsibility. Through assemblies we teach and make students aware of the importance of respecting the wider community.

Individual Liberty

As a school, we educate and provide boundaries for students to make safe choices. These are carried out in a supportive environment and enforced through the curriculum. This is demonstrated through teaching questioning skills which allow children to pose questions about topics they are learning. Students are introduced to the idea and practice of philosophical enquiry in English lessons. Through specific events and displays like Black History month students are introduced to examples of individuals who have pursued human rights, for example the abolition of slavery and segregation. Students are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights, personal freedoms, and advised how to exercise these, for example through our E-Safety and PSHCE lessons. Students have access to information regarding their rights through school policies. We use the Restorative Justice model to ensure all voices and opinions are heard. Homophobic and sexist behaviour is challenged and students have access to support and help through Equality and Diversity lessons, PSHE information, displays, assemblies, drama workshops and outside agencies.

Mutual Respect

Park Campus Academy is a caring, family school where diversity and tolerance are celebrated. The concept of mutual respect is addressed through our curriculum topics particularly PSHCE, Equality and Diversity lesson, English, ICT, assemblies and tutorial sessions. Mutual respect underpins all we do together at Park Campus Academy. In PSHCE and through our behavioural system of merits and awards including positive communication with parents we recognise the importance of promoting self-esteem which is fundamental to all learning. Our Parent Partnership programme ensures that we closely work with parents and value their views and contributions.

Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

Our aim to teach and educate about diversity is reflected in our curriculum and events throughout our school calendar. Students are encouraged to share their life experiences of their own cultures and ask questions regarding the faiths and beliefs of others. We are sensitive to the needs of students with different religious observances and we encourage students to contribute through presentations such as class assemblies or the English and PSHCE curriculum. For example a student has researched and delivered a class assembly on the plight of Syrian refugees which was received very well by peers. We encourage students to question the world around them in a respectful way. Our PHSCE and Equality and Diversity curriculum enables students to do this by exploring the various religions of the world and considering their own views in relation to these. We promote awareness and tolerance of others and celebrate diversity promoting real reflection in a meaningful manner. Both staff and students reflect the diverse and varied make-up of the community we live in.