Student Voice activities allow students to take on extra responsibilities and participate in decision-making at Park Campus Academy.

Student Voice is run by our Key Stage 4 Pastoral Lead.

Below are the dates for student voice meetings during the current academic year.


Student Voice:

Meeting Schedule 2021/22

Autumn Term 1


Autumn Term 2


Spring Term 1


Spring Term 2


Summer Term 1


Summer Term 2


A number of our students have kindly provided some feedback:

Georgio (Year 12)

I have been part of the Student Voice at the Park Campus Academy. Some of my key skills are:

  • Good People Skills/ Sociable
  • Open Minded
  • Reliable and Trustworthy

The two main projects I have been involved in and contributed to have been the Young Commissioning Project and a Presentation to the Wider Community about opportunity for young people living in Lambeth. I have also taken part in the student panel when interviewing new teaching staff.

I have learned how to prepare interview questions, how to organize and interview people wanting to apply for funding for Youth Projects in Lambeth.

I have learned to speak to a wider audience at a venue outside of school and I have given feedback on the outcome of the Young Commissioning Project.

I enjoyed being a member of the student voice. I have learned a lot even though it was scary at times.

Rihanna (Year 11)

I have been attending the Park Campus Academy since Year 9 and I have taking part in lots of different projects. I have also been part of the School Voice.

I have been part of the Park Campus Student Voice some of my key skills are:

  • Good Organizational Skills
  • Good IT skills
  • Determent

I have been taking part in two interview panels. I have prepared questions and plant the order of questions. One interview was for a new IT teacher and the second interview was for Young Commissioning Project. I have also designed and produced the Invitation for the Year 11 students Leaving Ceremony.

Alvin (Year 11)

I saw being part of the Student Voice as a beneficial experience.

Some of my key skills

  • Confident and able to express myself well
  • Critical and analytical
  • Academically able

I have been taken part in the interviewing of a new ICT Teacher and I have been taking part in the interview of the Young Commissioning Project. I know how to take notes and stay focus. I enjoy taking a lead role and making decisions when I am involved in a project.

David (Year 11)

I have been part of the Student Voice at the Park Campus Academy. I joint the school in Year 11 and value education. Being part of the Student Voice is a way of showing that I want to contribute in promoting the school in a positive way. It also helped me gain additional skills. I see myself as already having some good key skills.

  • I can Adapt to Different Situations
  • Polite and Well Mannered
  • Good ICT Skills

I have taken part in the Young Commissioning Project in which I interviewed Youth Project members who were applying for funding for youth projects that they were trying to set up which I really enjoyed. I also had to speak to a public audience no preparation. I am a good ambassador for the school and I enjoyed the experience.

I have also taken part in the student interview panel for new teaching staff which was interesting.

Sky Sports Project 2016/17

The PE Department worked in partnership with SKY Sports to secure a visit from the Olympic Swimmer Kate Haywood to visit Park Campus Academy on 17th of November 2016.

Mrs Haywood worked with a selected group of Year 10 students on self esteem, self motivation and  the 6 key success' programme. She also conducted practical workshops with the students and gave a presentation on her own success highlighting the challenges she had to overcome in order to become a successful athlete.

Commission of Youth Projects 2012 to 2015

The Student Voice's main focus has been in supporting and helping to evaluate the Commission of Youth Project in Lambeth since 2012.

Addressing the Young Cabinet 2014

A group of Year 11 and Year 10 students have been invited to the Lambeth Town Hall to answer questions about young people living in Lambeth to the Young Parliament.

Youth Mayor Election 2014

The Park Campus Students took part in the Youth Mayor Election and the Election of the Youth Parliament. The whole school was involved and we received a silver award for the number of students who cast their vote.

We also had candidates, campaigning, and addressing our students, during assembly, trying to gain more votes.

Brixton Pound 2013

Students have taken part in a work shop with Elly Townsend from Lambeth. Students have been provided feedback on how the Brixton Pound, a local currency, could be used by the young living in Lambeth, as well as thinking of ideas on how to promote the currency.